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Douglas Jacoby, President of International Teaching Ministry

Super website! If only every website, podcast, and book were as purposeful and well constructed! 

Daniel Berk is a clear thinker—and that makes for clear, crisp writing. 

May the Lord use this ministry to instruct and inspire. 

And may Daniel continue to wield the tool, practice his craft, and stay close to Him.

Nick Shoff, JamQuest Founder

In a world where real truth can become so confused and twisted, I appreciate people like Daniel, who genuinely care about teaching people how to live the right way. Navigating the Scriptures can be a daunting and difficult task, so I love how Daniel works to make God's Word clear and understandable by all who listen. Personally knowing and being inspired by Daniel's life, I know that he not only writes about these concepts, but truly strives to live them out as well.

Curt Neargarder, Campus Leader

Lifestyle evangelism is a perfect blend of inspiring real life testimonies, vulnerable stories from Daniel's life, and practical applications that can easily be implemented into everyday life. It is written with a passion that is contagious and is sure to make you think deeper into how your life matches the biblical calling of evangelism.

Shawn Sommerkamp, Motivationeer Founder

Daniel’s website is a helpful ministry to those seeking truth from the Bible in an ever-changing world. His perspective is thought-provoking as he urges his readers to go above and beyond in their Christian life, frequently reminding of the example set by Jesus. His material adds a keen, refreshing outlook for the Christian and the Seeker

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